small town pleasures

I was in Baños for just one week and I already had a local bar, a regular café, “rumbaterapia” exercise classes (a combination of zumba and jazzercise) and people I ran into regularly on the street.  When I was sick one weekend and didn’t go out, people wondered where I was, which feels really nice when spending so much time alone.  There is something appealing about small towns.  People are friendlier, the streets are easier to navigate and it is a nice reprieve from the constant movement and logistics of traveling.  Baños is a special place; there is a magical feeling of being surrounded by mountains in every direction you look.



3 thoughts on “small town pleasures

  1. I spent some time in a really small town in Sicily and really understand the experience that you’re describing. I would walk around town and people I had never even met knew my name! Such a comforting feeling.

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